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Never ever before in my entire life have I been that excited as I was that day, not kidding. And I think I was not the only one. Due to a pretty bad snow storm I needed almost 5 hours till I finally arrived in Nürnberg (although I only had to drive about 180 miles). The gig started pretty late, and so all the excitement got bigger and bigger. When "Les stars du Rock Porn" finally entered the stage, they needed a few minutes to set up the equipment - nothing special actually... but nobody wanted to wait any longer after DEAD hasn't entered any stages since the Fuck the Commerce Fest II in 1998. My friend Rüdiger grabbed my arm and said: "Oh my god, oh my god I'm so excited, I'm getting a heart attack!!!" ... and I only could agree. At the same time some other guy shouted in the background: "Will you guys finally start??? I'm dying here!!" And others shouted as well. What shall I say?? It was THE show of my life, I had a great time and I had a fucking hard time to stay in the first row, haha ... actually I am still surprised how I made it to take so many pictures since I was headbanging through the whole set like a maniac ;-)

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